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Like a coin, everything has its two faces and skateboarding is not an exception. Although skateboarding itself is a thrilling sport which brings many happiness and satisfaction, we can't deny that it carries the risk of skaters hitting their head as they have to perform on hard concrete surfaces.

This danger can be easily prevented by wearing a proper safety helmet during practicing and performing to protect your head. Go through the thread about skateboarding helmet categories on SkateAdvisors to choose the best one.

There are numerous helmet brands and types on the market, hopefully after reading this topic, you can make your best option.


A triple eight helmet is one of the greatest double-impact, which is equipped with a sweat saving liner. Moreover, it has a unique and attractive design. I can say that it is an exceptional quality product. With all of these above outstanding features, the triple eight helmet is absolutely worth buying.

SkateAdvisors on may be one of your must-read websites as it has a diversity of topics for both beginners and the experienced.


One significant feature of Pro-Tec classic helmets is that this brand comes with a warranty of up to 40 years of its lifecycle. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology was applied to create the most secure helmet you'll ever own. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology was applied to create the most secure helmet you'll ever own. Its shell is incredibly light and sturdy. It, like the triple eight helmet, has a soft wrap that aids in the absorption of dripping sweat.


In comparison to two types of helmet listed below, this is the safest helmet. This helmet is extraordinary since it meets ASTM and CPSC requirements, which means it has passed the stringent safety requirements that a safety helmet, in addition to BMX helmets, must meet. This helmet includes 13 vents to ensure a proper flow of air and keep you cool while wearing it.


Last but not least, the triple 8 downhill racer helmet is the greatest option. While wearing it, your chin, head and face will be completely protected. Besides, this helmet will provide you with comfort during your longboard travels as it's made of EPS foam with a velvet lining and an additional cushion insert. Many young people and children love having one as it has lots of areas for stickers, which satisfy their creativity.


If you are a newbie to skateboarding, you may find the article on SkateAdvisors on about some popular helmet categories helpful to save your time choosing the most suitable one. In sum, you must take your safety as the top priority while playing any sports, especially skateboarding.

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